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Water Filters - Whole House Filters

Whole House Water Filtration

Our whole-house filtration systems are ideal for homeowners that want a consistent supply of clean water across the whole building. More efficient than a series of individual devices, providing Pure Refreshing Filtered Water from every tap in the property, they’re perfect for when only a complete solution will do.


RRP £795
Pure, fresh, natural water throughout your whole property. 


Enjoy pure filtered water from every tap, Chlorine and Chloramine free bathing 200,000-litre capacity....


RRP £1095.00


  • Chlorine & Chloramine free bathing
  • Pure filtered water from every tap in the house


RRP £595


Combination System
Descale Your Entire Property
Also Produces pure Refreshing filtered water to a separate


Three Stage Whole house filter replacement set RRP £85.80 Pack offer £75.00


Replacement Element for Whole House Bacteria Filter. Bacteria free water throughout the whole property.


Replacement candles for Whole House Bacteria Filter. Bacteria free water throughout the whole property.

When the water reaches your house, it’s often laced with additives that serve to keep it clean and disinfected while in transit. Your water supply can also become contaminated along the way, with pesticides, nitrates and heavy metals like lead and copper. If the water treatment is substandard, then hormones and antibiotics might not have been removed from the supply. Leaving to one side the cumulative effect this might have on your health, an unfiltered water supply can also adversely affect the taste of the water.

The effects of a poor-quality water supply can be subtle. You might find that you’re resistant to the idea of drinking water, and so instead opt to disguise the taste with cordial. You might even find that you (and your family) drink less water altogether, and suffer the effects of dehydration. The whole house filtrations systems you see here vary in capacity from 650,000 to more than a million litres. You’ll want to select the size that can accommodate your entire home.

For more information on choosing whole house water treatment systems, give our team a call on 0116 2763334 or complete our contact form here.

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