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Hospital Water Softeners

Water softeners for Hospital and Healthcare Applications

Water is used for almost all activities in a hospital. Starting from medical use like sterilization of surgical instruments, dialysis treatment, etc. to consumption use like steam generation, heating/cooling, etc. As a result, the quality of water has a huge impact on the health, safety, and comfort of hospitals patients and staff. This is the reason why Hospitals and healthcare facilities come under the strictest of health and safety regulations. This requires a clean sterile environment, safe treated domestic water, clean water storage tanks, frequent water sampling, and effective legionella control services.

Hard water can be a real problem for hospitals as it greatly increases your operating costs. The housekeeping and maintenance teams must work much harder to remove stains and soap scums from bathroom fittings, laundry costs are much higher and kitchen equipment and water heaters become choked with limescale, shortening their life and increasing your energy costs. Washing is more difficult as more detergent is needed, and costs increase in general.

East Midlands Water Companies water softeners remove the hardness salts from water supply using a simple, safe, reliable process. We custom build each softener to match your requirements and our responsive team of service engineers provide on-site maintenance to ensure each unit provides years of cost-effective and reliable performance.

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