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Water Softener EMR10

The EMR  Premier Range has been built with modern living in mind. AT EMWC we consider water saving as one of our priorities and so we have introduced the EMR, water softeners so reliable and efficient, we offer a 5 YEAR FULL PARTS AND LABOUR warranty.  


In the past, many homes have had gravity fed water systems and were not on a water meter. Nowadays there are many alternatives available such as pressurised systems and many homes now have water meters.  As a result, a modern softener needs to cope with the high demands of water use and regenerate using the least amount of water.


Using the latest technology in capacity and performance our EMR water softeners boast incerible performance, enhanced flow resin and water saving technology to reduce water usage during regeneration.  When compared to non electric Twin Tank type water softeners, this softener will clean less frequently and will use considerably less water and salt, saving not only wear and tear on the softener, but helping to reduce environmental impact AND saving you money.


The EMR Water Softener has easy to use controls with a clear display showing time and capacity. These softeners have quality components and are built to last.  


OUR RESIN. The Resin is the heart of your softener as this is where your water is changed from hard to soft. Our EMS Premier Range of softeners use an Ultra grade resin mix, developed over a number of years using data collated from our domestic water softeners. For many years the standard of water softener resin was the same for domestic use as for commercial use.  There are many different sizes of resin, which we have tested resulting in our use of an ultra small resin bead for water softening.  These ultra beads are created from the highest specification of resin available to create a product that is highly chlorine tolerant and due to precision manufacturing have a massive softening surface area.  The profile of the resin is small, meaning it can be compacted to enable a much smaller softener to do the work of a traditional larger one.


BRINE TANK.  The brine cabinet is made to our own specification and is made from a durable high impact polyethylene that literally springs back should it ever suffer an impact.  Unlike brittle cabinets that will easily crack, the material does not become brittle over prolonged contact with the brine solution, ensuring a long life leak free product.


COMBINATION BOILERS AND PRESSURISED SYSTEMS. With more heating systems using either a combination boiler or a pressurised system, the need for a water softener with an optimum flow rate is of paramount importance. Fitted with a 22mm installation Kit, the EMR Range can produce an unrivalled 86ltr per minute flow rate making it ideal for the most demanding of central heating systems. 


METER MODELS INCLUDING SELF PROTECT PROGRAMME.  Our range works by measuring the amount of water used and regenerating accordingly.  It takes into account the amount of water used on certain days of the week, which ensures supply always meets demand.  If you have guests or your requirements increase, the softener will regenerate more frequently, and similarly, if you are away, it will regenerate less often.  As our meter models regenerate only when necessary, they are ideal for applications with varying demand.


The amount of salt and water can be reduced by as much as 50% compared to timer models. The head of the EMR Range is served by the highly efficient Autotrol valve; the metering system is essentially the same unit that is used in commercial machines.  However, using the data that we collected over many years from domestic softeners, we are able to create a specific program for the EMR Range of softeners meaning that the softener detects very small amounts of water passing through the meter.  The unit can also build up a pattern of water usage using its intelligent metering programme. This increased sensitivity means that the EMR Range can save on water and salt without compromising on performance, giving you more softened, and less waste water.


INSTALLATION. Installing your softener - plumber or DIY? Every softener comes complete with fitting instructions and water test kit, allowing for simple installation by a plumber or DIY enthusiast. 


PEACE OF MIND. Our EMR  Premier Range of softeners have the capability to store lots of information. The machine can tell you how much water you use on a given day, when it last performed a regeneration and how much water you have used since the machine was installed, to name just a few. This information can be used to fine-tune your softeners performance should you desire. The control unit has also been designed to simply clip off, so although the setting up of the unit is very simple, you could send it back to us to re-programme if you move home or relocate your machine.


WARRANTY We are so sure of the durability and performance of our EMR Premier Range of water softeners (we often say they are built like a tank) that we offer an unprecedented 5 years parts and labour warranty on each one. 


All our models are designed with today's home in mind. Whatever the size of your family, we have a water softener to meet your needs. Our domestic model, EMR10 is small enough to fit under the kitchen sink.


Connections Inlet/Outlet 3/4" Bsp male parallel 
Overflow 1/2" Hose connector Drain 1/2" O.D tubing 
Transformer-13amp/ 12V
Operating Parameters: Max operating Pressure 8 bar (116 p.s.i ) Min Operating Pressure 1 bar (14.5 p.s.i ) Max water temperature 30 degree C Min water temperature Protect from freezing 
BSI approved for use with aluminium heat exchange systems 
Total Dimensions H 530 x W 270 x D 500 (mm) 
Approximate H 21" x W 10.5" x D 20" 
Cabinet Height at back 360mm – 14” at front 310mm – 12”


Resin Capacity 10Ltr Softener Capacity 1850 ltr @ 300ppm


Salt use per Regen 0.84kg’s


Water usage per Regen 72ltrs


Flow rates 15mm 35ltr Per Min Combi 50ltr Per Min 22mm 86ltr per min

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Water Softener EMR10

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