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Water Filters - Replacement Filter Spout

The Tap is the water Filter!

5 Pack Replacement taps for water filter spout system. Using the highest grade granular activated carbon in . The filter tap removes taste, Odours, Chlorine, Trialomethanes, Pesticides, PCB’S, Herbicides, Insecticides, Aluminium, Organic Chemicals, hormones, lead, and sediment.

Leaving pure refreshing filtered water on tap. Instead of using the traditional method of a canister located in those impossible to reach areas under the sink, the filter medium is contained within the tap spout. No more removing the contents of your cupboard and then performing advanced Yoga techniques to replace your filter. Simply unscrew the old filter tap and screw in the new one. Each filter tap delivers 6 weeks of pure refreshing filtered water, and saves you money and inconvenience compared to expensive bottled and jug filtered water

Warranty 6 weeks per spout