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Upgrade to our 3 Year High Flow Filter

  • The best three year water filter on the market!
    Delivers exceptional FRESH quality filter water to a tap at your kitchen sink
  • No more expensive filter water jugs that take up valuable fridge space or expensive bottled water
  • Three year life - no need for frequent (and expensive) filter changes
  • Superior flow rate 40,000 litre capacity.
  • Simple and easy DIY installation.
  • Hand built to our own specification using the highest grade filter medium
  • Neat and tidy. Sits out of sight under the sink
  • delivers as much filtered water as you require, instantly.

This EMWC water filter unit removes total Chlorine (amongst other things) from your drinking water - all at the point of delivery.
Installation could not be simpler;
The filter comes complete with all the fittings you will need for installation.
The following chemicals are filtered out of the mains water supply, when an EMWC water filter is connected:

Chlorine, trihalomethanes, pesticides, herbicides, aluminium, organic chemicals, hormones, lead sediment and Perfluorooctane Sulphonate (PFOS) plus taste and odour.


Sealed ABS plastic cylindrical body; silver impregnated activated carbon media; push-fit inlet/outlet connectors. Internal Vion F 10 micron filtration screens; advanced multi-stage filtration system.
Maximum working pressure 10bar (140 PSI).
WRAS approved.
Conforms to BS6920
This filter is designed to be changed every 36 months
Dimensions 360 x 120 mm. Warranty 3 years/40,000 litre. (Special offer price only when bought in conjunction with our nominated special offer products.  We reserve the right to amend, change or withdraw these offers without notice).