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Ultra Violet - Legionella Filters

Ultra Violet Bacteria Treatment

Water-borne viruses and bacteria can cause substantial harm to those who imbibe them. It’s partly for this reason that proper water treatment is so crucial. If your supply is untreated, coming from, say a spring, a well, or harvested rainwater, then you’ll need to treat it. Even mains supplies have been found to benefit from UV water filters in some parts of the country.

Why Choose UV Water Treatment Systems?

Ultraviolet light is one of the most effective methods of purifying a water supply. This is a form of light whose wavelength is so small that the human eye can’t see it – it’ll attack and neutralise the molecules at the core of a harmful pathogen – in fact, UV systems can effectively destroy 99.9% of water-borne pathogens.

Not only is it lethal to harmful bacteria and viruses, UV systems can purify your water supply without altering the water’s chemistry. The taste, odour, colour and acidity of your supply will be disinfected, but it’ll remain otherwise untouched!

Our selection even includes devices with automatic shut-off features that’ll stop the flow in the event of a power-cut, ensuring that untreated water never reaches your tap. We stock ultraviolet systems in a range of shapes and sizes. They’ll integrate with our other water-treatment devices, and cater to various flow rates. You’ll therefore be able to choose a device that best matches your circumstances.

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