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Trio Hydra- Rainmaster

TRIO HYDRA-RAINMASTER is a range of multi-stage self-cleaning filters especially designed for the filtration and treatment of rainwater, in re-cycling applications.

The self-cleaning pre-filter with back-wash, performs all features of HYDRA self-cleaning filters with exclusive filter cartridges:

The trio LA model with GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) is designed to provide higher performance in Odour and Colour reduction, with a maximum flow rate of 2800l/h.

HYDRA RAINMASTER are manufactured with the finest and most advanced materials under constant focus on innovative processing technologies and ceaseless modernization to ensure the absolute quality of the product certified under the most stringent certification procedures and standards ACS (France), GOST (Russia).

The HYRA-RAINMASTER is provided complete with a full set of accessories : wall bracket, opening spanner, discharge hose holder, drain funnel and a complete discharge valve kit

For bacteria treatment of your harvesting system add an Ultra Violet Treatment System and
Save an extra £20.00

Use the options below to select a 23lpm or 48lpm Ultra violet system


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