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Taps - Three Way Taps
Our three way taps are designed to replace your current, conventional kitchen tap, transforming a typical 2 way system into a 3 way filter tap system that provides instant filtered drinking water for your health and convenience.
If you regularly drink water from your kitchen tap, upgrading to a 3 way filter tap will have a significant positive impact on your health and well-being, as these systems have been designed to filter out any potentially harmful contaminants from your drinking water when the filter tap is engaged.

If you are currently using a water filter jug, this will save countless hours, as you will no longer need to decant water from one receptacle to another before drinking. Our three way taps are offered in a selection of styles and finishes, with a number of options in terms of both design and function. Please note, however, that in order to provide filtered water, you'll also need to purchase a water filter kit, which can be installed with the system.

Please also note that many of these 3 way tap systems use high flow valves, which means they might not be suitable for low pressure gravity feed systems.

You’ll also find conversion kits here, which will allow you to add filter functionality to an existing three way tap, a hot water booster-pump to increase hot water pressure in your system from the standard 0.3bar to up to 2.0 bar, and a separate limescale and chlorine reduction under sink filtration system. This is an ideal solution is you have an existing water softener.

For more information on choosing the right 3 way filter tap for you, give our team a call on 0116 2763334 or complete our contact form here.