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Taps - Single Filter Taps
Designed to sit alongside your existing kitchen tap for a quick and convenient install, our water filter taps offer an affordable option for those who want instant, cold filtered water, without an instant boiling water function.

Traditional style water filter tap available in a choice of colours


RRP £129.96

Modern design single filter Ceramic disk tap


RRP £79.95

1/4 turn single filter tap


RRP £149.96

Italian style single filter tap


Easy to use compact tap spurt and constant flow options Height 6" Reach 2.5" available in a choice of colours


RRP £139.00

304 Stainless Steel Drinking Tap 


Modern design single filter tap


RRP £199.00 

304 Stainless Steel Drinking Tap 

The style of these taps is generally quite unassuming, with both modern and traditional designs available in a selection of different colours. There are also slight operational differences between the taps we offer here, so be sure to inspect them all before making your purchasing decision (or get in touch with us for advice). As these single filter taps are designed specifically to dispense cold, filtered water. This makes the installation a super-simple job for novice DIY enthusiasts, and a moderate-level job for those completely new to DIY and plumbing. The filter system works in a similar manner to a standalone water filter jug, except it doesn't require the use of any external appliances. The water simply flows through the pipes as standard, but the tap contains a filter cartridge.

This cartridge softens the water running through it, removing any potentially harmful contaminants (such as lead, bacteria and insecticides). These drinking water filter taps are a cost-effective and convenient solution if you live in a hard water area, or you regularly drink water from the tap. The filters also remove limescale, which you'll often find in your kettle and older, filter-free taps.

Many of these taps also include various options to control water flow, so they can be used for a variety of tasks (besides simply dispensing drinking water), including filling your kettle, washing salad and plenty more besides.

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