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Sitting alongside your current kitchen taps, instant hot water taps supply hot and cold filtered water instantly, which has been purified to not only remove limescale from the tap itself, but a wide range of other contaminants from your drinking water too. This includes chlorine, lead and harmful bacteria, and any pesticides and insecticides that might have got into the water system.

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98 degree Instant Hot Water Tap undersink Kettle
Stainless Steel Tap


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  • Filtered steaming water from 80 - 98°
  • 4-in-1 Kitchen Mixer Tap
  • Guaranteed up to 5 Years from Purchase 

A standalone, boiling and chilled water tap that dispenses instant, purified water for drinking or for cooking, these systems operate in a similar manner to a water filter jug, with a carbon resin filter built into the tap that the water passes through to remove unwanted impurities. The difference is that the water is being filtered as it's being drawn from the tap, giving you an instant and endless supply of filtered water.

The hot water system, meanwhile, uses a mini boiler. This is installed underneath your sink, provides instant hot water and boiling water, and is significantly safer than using a conventional kettle. Installation is really easy, too, with DIY instructions that require no prior plumbing skills (though we would still recommend using a professional if you are unsure).

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