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Standard Flow Rainwater harvest filtration with UV filter


RRRP £527.90
Special offer £397.85

Standard Flow Filtration Package

With Ultra Violet Filter operates at upto 23lpm/6gpm
an ideal solution for both rain water harvest systems and private water supplies.

Using high grade high flow filters to maximise flow rates together with maximising filtration.

Stage 1 Reuseable sediment filtration
Removes all particles at 5 micron and larger

Stage 2 Carbon filtration
Removes pesticeds, lead, aluminium, organic matter taste and odour.

Stage 3 Ultra violet filtration
Operates at 23lpm/6gpm and kills bacteria and virus making the water safe to drink.

Pack includes:
2 x 10" Housing Units 3/4" Port
1 x 10" Poly Pleated Filter 5m
1 x 10" Carbon Block Filter
1 x 23Lpm/ 6gpm Ultra Violet System