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Stainless Steel Manual Regeneration 8 Litre Water Softener

Space saving design

Manual Regeneration

Essential For Hard Water Areas

Extends the life of your machine.

Simple installation and no electrics needed.

A manually salt regenerated scale control system

Our High quality catering water softener is designed specifically for use in the catering trade and commercial kitchens.

A catering water softener is a cost effective way of protecting your machine from limescale damage and hard water. Our catering water softeners are specifically certified for use with all warewashers, glasswashers and dishwashers in the catering trade.

Not having water treatment installed could invalidate your warranty if your machine breaks down to limescale damage.

Hard water effects not only the machines life but also  its washing performance with limescale damaging heating elements and machine components whilst preventing detergents from working properly. To protect against this you must install a water softener. If you want to have good wash results and protect machine life you cannot do without a water softener in hard water areas and still should have one in soft areas

Our water softeners are high quality products designed for heavy duty use in the catering trade on commercial dishwashers and commercial glasswashers. Constructed out of stainless steel they are aesthetically pleasing and practical. With an easy installation you can quite simply install a catering water softener yourself without a plumber.

The manual operation allows you to keep complete control of the catering water softener. The space saving design also allows your catering water softener to sit neatly under the counter or by the side of your machine

Dimensions :-

Height - 420mm

Diametre - 185mm

Resin Capacity 8Ltr Softener Capacity 1000ltr @ 300ppm

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