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Reverse Osmosis - Ro Replacement Filters - Aquarium Ro Filters
Reverse Osmosis household drinking water purification systems are commonly used for improving water for drinking and cooking. Such systems typically include a number of steps: A sediment filter to trap particles including rust and calcium carbonate optionally a second sediment filter with smaller pores. An activated carbon filter to trap organic chemicals, and chlorine which will attack and degrade TFC reverse osmosis membranes A reverse osmosis (RO) filter which is a thin film composite membrane (TFM or TFC)

Optionally a second carbon filter to capture those chemicals not removed by the RO membrane. Optionally an ultra-violet lamp is used for disinfection of any microbes that may escape filtering by the reverse osmosis membrane.

Special Offer£33.95
Replacement filters pack for
4 Stage
100Gpd and 200Gpd
Aquarium RO System


Special Offer£17.95
Replacement 1st stage filter
for 2 stage aquarium ro unit


Special Offer£19.96
stage 1 and 2 replacement filters for
our 3 stage Aquarium Reverse Osmosis system


Special Offer£84.96
200 Gallon per day Reverse Osmosis Membrane


Special Offer£39.96
Reverse Osmosis replacement Membrane water filter 50 GPD/ 60psi Membrane


Special Offer£30.96
When added to a RO system can produce 99.99% pure water with 0 TDS reading
Can be retro fitted


Special Offer£30.96
Acidic PH adjustment RO filter


Special Offer £56.96
Reverse Osmosis replacement Membrane water filter
100 GPD @ 80psi Membrane


Special Offer£34.96
Replacement Pre and Post Filter for Portable RO System

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