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Resin Bonded Hot water sediment filter 20 inch

Unique Proprietary two sage filtration design

Can operate at temperatures upto 121 C

Maximises Particle removal and service life in Viscous and or high temperature fluid filtration applications

One peice consstruction with outer spiral pre wrap increases strenght for use with fluid viscosities upto 15,000 SUS (320 cks)

eliminates residual debris associated with traditional cartridges.

can withstand upto 10bar pressure

Uses: Adhesive Ink and Polymer filtration

Flow rate 38lpm

Pressure resistance
10 bar @ 21 C
8.6 bar @ 38 C
6.2 bar @ 65 C
4.5 bar @ 82 C
1.7 bar @ 121 C

Not recomended for FDA applications
Unsuitable for oxidising agents ~
PH Range 5 -9

5 Micron
10 Micron
25 Micron
50 Micron
75 Micron
125 Micron

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