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Replacement Whole House Bacteria Filter (HFBR) Save £10

SAVE £10.00 When Purchased with the full system Bacteria free water throughout the whole property No electricity No UV Bulbs. Ideal for spring, well or borehole water supplies The latest high flow water filtration system from Doulton Ceramics Operates at 33litres per minute DIY installation Removes the following contaminants Bacteria E. Coli >99.99% Vibrio Cholerae >99.99% Shigella >99.999% Salmonella Typhi (typhoid) > 99.999% Klebsiella > 99.999% Cyst removal Cryptosporidium >99.999% Giardia > 99.999% Filters come complete with cleaning kit and will last approximately 12 months We recommend the fitting of a pre sediment filter should your supply contain large quantities of sediment Email us about this product