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Ultra Violet Systems - Replacement Ultra Violet Bulb GPH212T5L/s/10W

Replacement Bulb for Product UV GPH212T5L/s/10W 

you can add a replacement Quartz Sleave from the options drop down at the bottom of the page

Multi-buy offers

Due to not only the constantly increasing fuel costs but also the environmental impact on the planet, sending you just one of our smaller consumable items carries the same transport and environmental cost as sending you several, therefore we would prefer you to buy more than one of these items each time you order, to make this a more attractive option for you we will reduce the price of each individual item for multiple orders saving you money, and reducing the carbon footprint of your purchase. The more you order the more savings for you and our planet.

Buy 2 Replacement Bulbs Save £5.00 on each

Buy 3 Replacement Bulbs Save £10 on each

 If you can not find your bulb on our website please feel free to contact us.