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Regenerated High capacity Vending Filter (BAN1460)

Ideal Regenerated Vending filter for: Coffee Machines, Vending Equipment, Water Boilers, Baking Ovens, Combination Ovens, Ice Makers, Air Conditioning, Glass Washers and Steam Generators etc. 14,600ltr Capacity @ 200ppm Removes: Water hardness Pesticides Herbicides Lead Aluminium Copper Total chlorine Bad taste & odour Sediment Using a unique combination of resin and carbon the unit provides pure tasting water on demand. Ideal to connect to most vending machines.
Each unit is supplied with 3/4 NRV male fitting inlet and outlets.
Dimensions Height 530mm Width 263mm


*We will require your existing unit back in order to regenerate the media, Units returned must be original EMWC systems.