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Rainwater Harvesting System 500 Litre - 2500 Litre Tank Systems

Manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene tough and Durable

Ribbed design provides added strength and attractive appearance

impact resistant and long lasting, do not rust or corrode

Guaranteed one-piece tank construction ensures long term structural strength.

Our rainwater harvesting systems are ideal for a variety of applications from simple garden irrigation right up to providing an alternative potable water supply *

Rainwater is part of the never-ending water cycle

No single-drop is lost or made in the continuous flow between seas, rivers, lakes and groundwater.
However, fresh water is an increasingly scarce,precious and expensive resource. Saving water is now an essential part of our drive to a sustainable.society. Delivering clean tap water require more and more effort, energy and expense.
For many everyday uses, however, we simply don't need to use expensively purified drinking water. Harvested roof rainwater is not only free resource, but it is ideal for use in washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering, in homes. in commerce, in public buildings and in industry.
Our products, with their individually proven designs,are available to meet the widest possible range of uses in rainwater harvesting and management.
Half of our future potable water demand can be saved without any increase in risk or effort. Clear benefits are their for the environment and us all: reduced flooding and overloading of sewers, prolonged appliance lifetimes,less detergent usage and, of course, green and blooming gardens.

All tanks are supplied with 1.5" outlet and basic filter collector.

Typical Pumped Harvest system



1400 Diameter x 1800 Height

Featured product is for a 500 litre system

Also available in the foillowing tank sizes  
720 Litre
1250 Litre
2500 Litre

Please use the options below to select different sized systems


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Rainwater harvesting tank, One piece construction for structural strength. Suitable for potable water storage

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