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Programmable High Capacity Twin Tank Non Electric Water Softener


Non electric = no complicated programming
Adjustable hardness setting not factory set to a hardness range
30-minute regeneration (dependant on hardness and water pressure)
Each tank can produce 2000 litres of water between regeneration @ 300ppm 
1.2kg of salt used per regeneration 
50 litres of water used per regeneration
Valves can be fitted left or right handed to the rear or to the front.
Can perform multiple regenerations every day
Softens the water throughout the whole property.
The latest breakthrough in water softener technology!

Our non-electric meter control machine measures the amount of water that you use and performs regeneration as soon as it reaches its full capacity. Because you tell the machine exactly how hard your water is it knows exactly how much softened water it can produce before it cleans itself. Most non-electric softeners work on a hardness range and are not as accurate as this machine often wasting salt and water.



Our machine only takes 30 minutes to regenerate using 1.2kg of salt and 50 litres of water. Because the softener has two tanks whilst one cleans the other continues to provide an uninterupted supply of soft water.  

Our machine can perform more than one regeneration per day meaning it does not have to allow a days supply before regenerating. It simply regenerates when it needs to.

Our machine is designed to be easily fitted in your property!

Most softeners are made to a specific design some have connections to the left others to the right and some to rear of the machine.

The Softeneris designed so that the connections simply twist round, therefore you decide on the most convenient position for your plumbing. Our machine is made from a high impact material


Height 552mm
Width 552mm
Depth 276mm
Allow 80mm for valves

Brine Tank
Height 552mm
Width 552mm
Depth 276mm

Connection 1 1/4 inch
Working Pressure 0.8 - 8 bar
Capacity @ 300ppm 2000 litres per tank
Peak flow 4200 lph 
Salt used per regen 1.2gr
Water used per regen 50 litres
Resin Volume 2 x 12 litres

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