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50 Litre Simplex Commercial Softener Flow 2m3/hr (1054)
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Large Family / Light Commercial Water Softener

Three Way Filter Taps - Concita water filter tap (4103) NFK
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Water Softener - EMS15 Blue Meter Controlled ECO Water Softener

15ltr Meter Control Softener Clack
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Meter Control Water Softener with 1 Inch Valve

Whole House Filter BT65 F15


AquaCal 10 Industrial Limescale remover
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Industrial Electronic Limescale removal system.

Water Softener - Automatic Timer controlled 10 Litre Softener EMT
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Best Value Water Softener £309.96

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Water Testing

Our water testing kits are designed for testing the quality of your water at home, making them an ideal investment before purchasing a filter product. Testing your water is something you should certainly consider if you've just moved into a new home, particularly if this home is in an unfamiliar area. Itís also worth testing your water on a regular basis, since, while access to clean drinking water in the western world is something we might often take for granted, there is still the chance of contamination.
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From pesticide runoff and chlorine left over from the purification process, to leaking storage tanks, and even lead contamination from the corroded pipes that channel our water to our homes, there are numerous potentially harmful contaminants (not to mention risky bacteria) lurking in our drinking water. This is why water analysis equipment is so handy.

Do it yourself kits offer the simplest and most cost-effective solution, and are available as both strips and metres. Both work by detecting the pH levels present in the water. To use the strips, simply dip into the water and they will change colour based on the contaminants present (or, hopefully, not present).

The packs you'll find here are engineered to detect a number of different contagions, from chlorine to nitrate. There are also water hardness strips, which you might want to consider if the limescale in your home is particularly prevalent. The metres, meanwhile, provide quick and simple pH level (or TDS level) results and can be used indefinitely (whereas the strips can only be used once each). Finally, we offer laboratory testing , a must if you have an off grid water supply as your water may not be potable. Simple send your sample direct to our laboratory and we will provide a full report on your water quality.

For more information on choosing water testing equipment, give our team a call on 0116 2763334 or complete our contact form here.
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