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Private Water Supply 5 stage Filtration System (Housings and Inserts)

Typical sediment filtration system for private water supplies.
Staged filtration system from 100 - 0.2micron ratings.
Ideal for pre treatment before bacterial removal.

5 stage pre treatment for sediment filtration.

See options below for Bracket and Spanners for this product.

Stage 1
10" 100 Micron bag filtration. 
Removes any sediment present at above 100 micron rating, which is a larger dirt holding capacity than traditional depth or surface filters

Stage 2 
10" Jumbo 50 micron reusable filter.
Pleated filter creates larger surface area for faster flow through. Removes sediment present above 50 micron rating.

Stage 3 
10" Jumbo 20 Micron Filter
Polypropylenene filter removes sediment present above 20 micron rating.

Stage 4
5 Micron Polypropylene filter
Polypropylene filter removes sediment present above 5 micron rating.

Stage 5
Ultra filtration. Filters down to 0.2 micron rating but still maintains high flow rates.
Nano ceram jumbo 10" filter can also act as a barrier filter to some bacteria & cysts.

Bag Filter Housing (Stage 1) supplied with 1" ports
Filter Housings (Stages 2 -5) supplied with 3/4" ports
For higher capacity filters or if you have a larger pipe size you can upgrade to our 20" jumbo version of these filters which all have 1" port connections. Please click on the option bar below.

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