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Oil Reduction Cartridge 10 inch jumbo

Oil Reduction Cartridge

Hydro Carbon removal cartridges are engineered to remove oil, gasoline,diesel fuel, solvents, sheen and other hydrocarbons from water in a single pass by permanently bonding them to our absorbent media, without significant pressure drop even when the cartridges have been fully saturated.


Manhole effluent
Storm runoff water
Tank farms & terminals
Bilge & ballast water
Tramp oil removal from machining fluids
Plating baths
Parts washing
Oil spill remediation projects


Filter media:  Melt blown Poly prop, infused with hydrocarbon absorbent materiel
Capacity: 900 grams, oil & greese
Max flow rate: 20 gpm
Micron rating: 5 micron     
Max temp 140°F

9-3/4 " x 4-1/2"

Fits 10" Jumbo (big blue) filter housing