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Limescale Removers - Other
The water supply to any house will inevitably contain a small amount of calcium. This substance has a habit of creating limescale: a hard, chalky coating that covers the interior of pipes, kettles and sinks.

A build-up of limescale within a pipe will inhibit the flow of liquid, and dampen the thermal conduction of liquid to the pipe’s outer shell.

RRP £599.00
Special Offer  £399.00

  • Remove limescale throughout your property without need for chemicals
  • advanced computerised electronics
  • Easy DIY Installation 


RRP £1445.00
Special Limited Offer £1195.00

  • No Scale 
  • No Salt
  • No Waste Water
  • No Chemicals


RRP £1195.00
Special offer £995.00


RRP £499.00
Special Offer £399.00
A Revolution in water treatment


RRP £399.00
Special Offer £269.96
A Revolution in water treatment.


RRP £69.95
Special Offer
Price Includes VAT 


Special Offer £245.00
Removes Scale without Chemicals
Treats a 5 Bed House
Easy DIY fitting


RRP £195.95
Special offer £129.96
Removes Scale without Chemicals
Up to a three Bedroom House

While some areas receive ‘harder’ water supplies (which contain higher levels of calcium), limescale is a problem everywhere. Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of limescale removers. Our selection includes:

•   Limescale filters that consist of a chamber containing a special catalyst, which crystallises the limescale until each crystal is large enough to be swept away by the flow of water.

•    Limescale prevention that uses electricity. This method wraps cabling around the exterior of the pipe and works the limescale loose using low-frequency radio waves.

•    Electrolytic devices containing an anode and a cathode, which together create a current that helps prevent limescale from forming in the first place.

The solution you opt for will depend on whether you’d like to make changes to your pipework, whether you want a water descaler that relies on mains electricity, and how often (if at all) you’d like to replace the device.

For more information on choosing the right limescale prevention device for you, give our team a call on 0116 2763334 or   complete our contact form herexxxxx.