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Hot Water Booster pump

Many homes in the UK still have a loft mounted cold water storage tank which supplies the hot water cylinder, this is known as a conventional gravity system or low pressure system. Customers with this set-up can only use mixer taps which operate at low pressure, from around 0.3bar. 

Not anymore! we now have a hot water booster pump, specially manufactured in the UK and designed to be installed under the kitchen sink and boost the hot water up to 2.0 bar. 

The outlet pipe has a built-in flow switch which activates the pump when it detects water flow, and deactivates the pump when the flow stops. Please note: The flow switch requires a minimum of 0.5 litres flow per minute to operate. Two 15mm push-fit flexible hoses are included. 

It has a compact design, low runing noise and includes anti-vibration feet. The pump is manufactured using WRAS approved components and is currently undergoing the full WRAS approval process. 

With regards power, the pump can either be wired directly into a fused spur or customers can simply plug in the 1.4m lead like a dishwasher.  

The pump has a one year warranty,