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Water Softeners - EMG ECO 10 Litre Meter Controlled Water Softener

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Our EMG ECO Water softeners are the most efficient softeners in our extensive range

Using the latest technology in terms of capacity and performance our EMG ECO Range of softeners boast unrivalled performance. Using far less water and upto 50% less salt than any other softener on the market.  

Easy to use controls with a clear visible display that shows not only the time but also the remaining capacity. The display panel can even be sited up to two meters away from the Softener if you purchase our remote panel.

The softener cabinet is made from a durable high impact polyethylene, which means the machine is built to withstand the rigors of modern life.

compact 10Ltr Meter Controlled  water softener

Fits under the Kitchen Sink

Adjustable Hardness settings


Detects leaks in your plumbing system.

Initiates an additional regeneration to overcome periods of increased/fluctuating water demand

Stores data even in the event of a power cut.

Learns about your water usage patterns and saves on salt and water.

Calculates when to regenerate.

Safe 12v electrical supply - via supplied plug in transformer.

All our models are designed with today's home in mind. Whatever the size of your family, we have a water softener to meet your needs. Our domestic models, EMS10 & EMS15 Are both small enough to fit under the Kitchen sink.

Ultra Fine Resin
Our latested development in resin technology means we use an ultra fine resin, the smaller the resin beads the more efficient they are. Smaller resin means that the softener can use far less water and salt during the regeneration process. in many cases this is over 50% less than softeners using standard resin. And almost 25% less than its nearest rival because this machine is so effecient it is awaiting classification as Carbon Neutral.    


With more and more heating systems using either a combination boiler or a pressurised system, the need for a water softener with the available flow rate is of paramount importance. Fitted with a 22ml installation Kit the Eco Range produce an unrivalled 86ltr per minute flow rate making it ideal for even the most demanding system.

Our Meter range works by measuring the amount of water used and then regenerating accordingly, it even takes into account the amount of water used on certain days of the week. This ensures supply always meets demand. If you have guests or your requirements increase, then the softener will regenerate more frequently. (Self-Protect Programme.) Alternatively, if you go away, you can set the machine to default setting to regenerate when you return. As our meter models regenerate only when necessary, they are ideal for applications with varying demand. The amount of salt and water can be reduced by as much as 50% compared to timer models.

The Softener has the capability to store lots of information. The machine can tell you how much water you use on a given day, when it last performed a regeneration and how much water you have used since the machine was installed to name just a few. This information can be used to fine tune your softeners performance should you desire. The control unit has also been designed to simply clip off, so although the setting up of the unit is very simple, you could send it back to us to programme if you move home or relocate your machine.

Installing your softener - plumber or DIY? Every softener comes complete with fitting instructions and water test kit, allowing for installation by a plumber or DIY enthusiast

Connections Inlet/Outlet 3/4" Bsp male parallel
Overflow 1/2" Hose connector
Drain 1/2" O.D tubing
Transformer-13amp/ 12V
Operating Parameters: Max operating Pressure 8 bar (116 p.s.i )
Min Operating Pressure 1 bar (14.5 p.s.i )
Max water temperature 30 degree C
Min water temperature Protect from freezing
BSI approved for use with aluminium heat exchange systems

Total Dimensions H 520 x W 270 x D 460 (mm)
Approximate       H 20" x W 11" x D 18" (inch)    
Cabinet Height at back 360mm - 14 inch at front 310mm - 12 inch 

Resin Capacity 10Ltr Softener Capacity 2000 ltr @ 300ppm

Salt use per Regen 0.68 Kg

Flow rates 15mm Fittings 35ltr Per Min
Combi Fittings 50ltr Per Min
22mm Fittings 86ltr per min


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