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Commercial Central Heating Scavenger (CHS)

Central Heating Scavenger (CHS)

A revolution in Central Heating Cleaning Solutions. 

Our Stainless Steel Filter Housing contains a unique combination of a powerful magnet and bag filter. Over time heating systems gather dirt debris rust and metalic particals, this can dramaticallly effect the effiiciency of the system and cause damage to the system creating costly repairs and loss of time. Our filtration system traps dirt and debris prolonging the life of the equipment, due to the unique high powered magnet even the smallest metalic shards and oxides are removed. 

The Central Heating Scavenger is so effective it begins to cleanse your system the moment its instaled in some circumstances customers have reported a dramatic increase in efficency within hours of fitting. 

Built from polished 304 stainless steel the Svavenger is robust it can tolirate fluid temperatures up to 90c and pressures up to 10 bar, so can cope with the most demanding of systems. 

Using a unique polished 300mm Stainless Steel high powered magnetic rod located in the centre of the system i traps ferrous particles and oxides as the water passes through. any no ferrous particles are trapped by the 50 micron filter bag located in the stainless steel craddle. 

Because the Central Heating Scavenger uses a fully removable stainless steel lid secured in position by M12 Steel ball jointed wing bolts any collected debris is easily removed the magnet simply wipes clean and the filter bag can be emptied or replaced. 

The scavenger is supplied with 3/4" female Bsp connections, Glycerin Pressure Gauges and vent valves


Height 730mm
Diameter 114mm
Lid Diameter 202mm 

Max Temp 90c 
Pressure 10 bar 

Flow rate 5m3/h 

Bag filter 50 micron