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    • BRITA Systematic Filter Technology softens water in four steps
    • Delivers optimum results for all espresso-based beverages
    • Reliably protects professional espresso machines from limescale and gypsum deposits
    • Reduces taste and aroma impairing substances – for the perfect cup
    • Meets your needs: flexibly choose from a wide range of connections
    • Easy to use rapid-change system with innovative locking handle and integrated flush valve

Trusted BRITA Systematic Filter Technology softens water in four steps:

1 Pre-filtration
A pre-filter retains coarse particles.

2 Total hardness reduction
Filter medium reduces total hardness of water and clearly reduces limescale and gypsum deposits.

3 Activated carbon filtration
All water runs through an activated carbon filter, reducing taste and aroma impairing substances.

4 Fine filtration
Finally, a fleece retains any remaining fine particles.

IntelliBypass technology
Unique IntelliBypass technology allows for a constant by-pass water rate regardless of volumetric flow. For consistently high water quality, in particular with low water throughput rates.

  • Capacity (at carbonate hardness of 10°dH, 0% bypass): 1,100-6,000 l
  • Maximum operating pressure: 8.6 bar
  • Operating position: vertical