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Big Bubba High Flow Filter Housing

This is our High Flow Filtration System, suitable for many applications where a high flow rate is required (up to 150 gallons per minute).

Big Bubba is a sturdy, all singing, all dancing product, made from rugged glass re-enforced polypropylene and can be fitted as a stand alone unit. For larger applications, multiple units can be fitted in line or parallel.
Easy change cartridge replacement system.

Big Bubba is suitable for the following applications (and more):

Commercial Filtration
Industrial Filtration
RO Pre Filtration
Community Water Systems
Sea Water Applications (uses non - corrosive material)
Alternative to Bag filtration applications
More convenient than multiple filter systems
Water for Livestock & Poultry.

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The Big Bubba filter has two outlets on opposite sides to allow more flexibility with piping configurations. This allows the filter to be installed inline or on piping coming from the same direction. A plug is supplied for the unused outlet.

Technical Specification:
Body - glass reinforced polypropylene
Cartridge and End cap - glass reinforced polypropylene
Swing Bolts - 304 stainless steel
O-rings - EPDM
Pipe fittings - 2" Slip
Height: 40"
Width: Outside Diameter 12"
Maximum flow rate:  150 gallons per minute
Maximum Temperature: 175F @ 80psi
Maximum working pressure:  125psi (8.75 bar)