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auto shut off valveUltra Violet Systems - 130 litre per minute UV system

RRP £1999.00
130 litre Per Minute Ultra Violet system

Bacteria Free drinking water for the Whole House
130LPM Heavy duty stainless steel 304 pressure vessel.

Lamp failure indicator and warning buzzer with auto shut off

Automatic shut off feature

In the event of a lamp fail or power cut, the system will automatically isolate the water supply. 
The system will not allow any untreated water to enter the property. 

An ideal solution if the system is located in area that is difficult to monitor.  
suitable for Well Borehole and spring or stream water.

Supplied with 2 " Ports

our UV systems employ a low pressure mercury vapour discharge lamp surrounded by a water jacket whose inner wall is made from a special UVC-transparent quartz material. The Lamp Produces a very strong spectral line at 254nm in the shortwave region, which is the waveband most lethal to micro organisms.

The UV light shines powerfully through water passing along the unit. Destroying the cell DNA (or RNA in the case of viruses) making the micro organisms inactive.

We use a stainless steel water chamber maximising full use of the available ultra-Violet energy, resulting in long exposure times and high doses and minimising UV light absorption into the chamber wall.

130 Litres Per Minute
Heavy duty stainless steel 304 pressure vessel.
Heavy duty quartz sleeve.
High output,
hard glass UV lamps for maximum efficiency.
CE ballast with lamp failure indicator and warning buzzer.

Specification: 130lpm(Litre per minute)

Lamp watts: 100 W

Inlet/outlet: 2 "NPT

Dimensions:  x 1205 mm

Operating pressure: 125 psi max.

9000 hrs lamp life ( approx. 1 year of use)

If you intend to install this product to a domestic or public water supply we advise you install pretreatment to a minimum rating of 5 microns.

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auto shut off valveUltra Violet Systems - 130 litre per minute UV system

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