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Abode Pronteau 2 Lever 4-in-1 Hot Water Filter Kitchen Mixer Tap, Chrome


RRP £1495.00
Special Limited Offer  £1249.00

  • Filtered steaming water from 80 - 98°
  • 4-in-1 Kitchen Mixer Tap
  • Guaranteed up to 5 Years from Purchase 

Instant Steaming Hot Water

  • Ph balanced filtered steaming water delivered to you at the exact temperature you want. No Scum, scale or bad tasting hot drinks.
  • Controlled flow – no spitting or spurting as hot water is pumped to you at a steady 3 litres per minute. No Surprises or accidents – the water is presented in a controlled and accurate manner.
  • Delivers over 50 cups of water per hour. Ideal for home or small office use.
  • Limescale and corrosion inhibiting filter cartridge. Ensures a longer and more cost efficient life of the boiler unit and tap

Instant Filtered Cold Water

  • Crystal clear filtered water on tap which improves the taste of cold drinks by filtering out hardness/limescale.
  • Water softening and conditioning, benefit from the improved taste of soft water.
  • 5 Micron carbon block membrane which maintains effective particle protection.
  • Uses a bypass valve technology which can be set to your local water conditions for perfect scale and acidity control.
  • Manage your drinking water within EU drinking water regulation limits.

The Science Is Under The Sink

PROBOIL3 under counter unit, this intelligent 'self-diagnostic' boiler unit is capable of delivering up to 50 cups per hour from its 3 litre capacity tank. Developed in the UK, the PROBOIL3 will provide users with an energy efficient long term supply of pH balanced filtered & temperature controlled water.


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