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Which softener should I choose?

We know that getting the right softener is an important decision for our customers and we like to help you to make an informed decision.

East Midlands Water Company supplies a wide range of water softeners. We have a wide selection and can help you decide the best softener for your situation

The categories below should help you make a decision, if not please call us on 0116 2763334 and we'll get the right softener for your needs.

Small Family Water Softener - The ideal economical softener for homes with up to 4 people and a single bathroom.

Medium Family Water Softener - Our best sellers, these water softeners are ideal for homes of up to 9 people and 2 to 3 bathrooms.

Large Family Water Softener Unlimited Softened Water 24/7 - Great for large houses with multiple bathrooms or where the number of people come and go. These units will only soften the correct amount of water for your usage so are very efficient.

Large Domestic Water Softener - Designed for large domestic properties (9 or more people) or semi-commercial installations such as guest houses, small hotels etc.

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