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Technical Support Details
Water Softener - EMS15 Blue Meter Controlled ECO Water Softener (EMS15)

Q "How much salt should I put into the softener ?"

A: There is no right or wrong amount of salt to put into the softener, the softener only requires salt for it's regeneration ( Cleaning process ) The cabinet has an overflow elbow, the salt level should not be above the height of the elbow, provided the softener has a quantity of salt available prior to it's regeneration it will be able to produce soft water. We suggest that initially the salt levels are checked on a  regular basis until a pattern for topping up the salt develops. Most households will check salt at least once a month however salt usage is dictated by water usage and water hardness. We recommend the use of tablet or block salt.   

Q "What is the water hardness in my area ?"

A: The softener was provided with a hardness test kit  
Please click here to download the instructions

Water Hardness varies throughout the UK
London 320 ppm approximately 
Oxford 340 ppm 
Swindon 330 ppm 
Southampton  340 ppm
Colchester 320 ppm 
Cambridge 340 ppm
Norwich 400+

If you require an additional test Kit click here

The softener requires a figure in parts per million as the hardness setting.

Q "The softener is running to waste constantly why is this"

A: Check that the softener is connected to a power supply and the display is on. If the screen is blank check the electrical connection is secure to the back of the screen. Try plugging the transformer into a different plug socket. With the transformer disconnected from the mains supply check that the lead is fully intact with no breaks or exposed wires ensure that any cables are not restricting the movement of the cam arm.

Q "why does the softener display ERR3 ?"

A: The softener is fitted with an optical sensor, this sends a signal to the control panel so the machine knows the exact location of the softener cam arm. Occasionally during transit the sensor can become dislodged and may require reconnection to the softener. The ERR3 message may also appear if dust or debris builds up on the sensor. To re-site the sensor please follow the steps in the trouble shoot guide at the end of the fitting instructions.

Click here for instructions

Q "Why am I not getting soft water ?"

A: Test the water hardness directly from the water softener to confirm the softener is producing soft water.

Q "I have checked this, and the water is soft from my softener but not in the taps or shower why ?"

A: If you have stored water in the property such as a header tank in the loft, subject to water usage it may take time for the new soft water to fully replace the hard water in the tank.
Check that the bypass valve on the plumbing connections is in the closed position.
Confirm that the taps that do not feel soft are being feed by the water softener.

Q  "I have tested the water and the softener is only providing hard water why?"

A: If the softener has only just been installed confirm that the hoses are fitted the correct way round, inlet is to the left when you view the machine from front to back.

If the plumbing connections are fitted with a bypass valve ensure that this is in the closed position.

If the softener was previously providing soft water, check the softener has a supply of salt, if the salt was empty top up and perform a manual regeneration after approximately 3 hrs.

Q "The softener had salt in can I try something else ?"

Check the settings on the softener, confirm that the hardness setting is correct for your area. If you have a setting too low for the hardness in your region the softener will believe it can produce more water than it is capable of and therefore run out. Adjust to correct harness setting and perform a manual regeneration.

If the hardness figure was correct, turn on a tap that is connected to the softener, the softener display should show a symbol that looks like a running tap and the capacity figure will reduce, if this does not show reattach the meter cable (follow instructions from the fitting guide) perform a manual regeneration.

If the time of day is incorrect, the property may have experienced a power failure that interrupted the regeneration, correct any settings that may have altered following the initial set up guide and perform a manual regeneration.

Q  "I have completed all the above steps and the softener is still not providing soft water can I try something else ?"

A :
Perform a manual regeneration and confirm that water is removed from the brine tank (function C2 of the regeneration process) confirm water is also put back into the tank at the end of the regeneration.   

Q The Softener overflows or did not remove the water from the brine tank why was this ?

A : The softener requires a minimum of 1 bar water pressure to operate correctly confirm that your incoming water pressure is adequate for the softener to operate.


Check the Waste connection on the softener to ensure that the waste water has an unrestricted flow, although the waste can flow slightly up hill a low incoming water pressure can effect this process. Confirm the waste pipe has no kinks or blockages, check the connections on the air check valve, (the clear bowl to the right hand side of the softener with the black ball inside) any leaks (air or water) from the air check valve will effect the ability of the softener to draw up the brine solution. Remove the dust cover and check for signs of wear or debris effecting the cam arm and brass paddles. Disconnect the brine draw tube from the air check valve and remove from the brine cabinet. The bottom of the tube has a gauze filter, remove any debris that may be present. 
If you have had to alter or change any of the above please perform a manual regeneration.




Q The softener removed the water from the tank but still overflowed what can I try ?

A: Complete all of the above checks. Also confirm that the waste is not connected to the overflow pipe and the overflow pipe has a separate outlet to the waste pipe. If the waste and overflow are connected the waste water may flow through the overflow pipe and into the brine tank. Check for any water leaks on the softener head including the connection to the resin tank, inlet and outlet valves and waste connections. If you have identified and fixed a problem with any of the above please perform a manual regeneration.




Q The softener is using far more salt than I thought it would, why is this ? 




A: The softener decides to perform its cleaning process based upon its remaining capacity and also its calendar override (holiday setting). The softener has an inbuilt meter that counts every litre of water you use, the water hardness figure that you have programmed into the softener tells it how many litres of soft water it can produce. If you have put too high a hardness figure the machine will regenerate more often than it needs as it believes it can produce less water between regenerations, meaning it uses more salt than it needs to, Check that you have set correct hardness figure.

The calendar override (holiday setting) allows the softener to regenerate based on a time period as well as its remaining capacity, The softener will use which-ever arrives first, the water usage or the calendar override  if the override is set at 1 for example the softener will clean every day regardless of water usage. Please check the calendar override setting and adjust if required.


Q How much water should I see in the salt tank ?


A: Subject to your water pressure and the amount of salt you have in the tank, you may see as much as 3/4 of a tank of water or see none at all.
Provided the unit has a few litres of water that it can use to create a brine solution, the softener should be able to regenerate correctly.

 I am going on holiday what should I turn off the softener ?


A: The softener has a built in holiday mode (refer to the days to regenerate section in the initial set up guide) The machine can be set to automatically regenerate whilst you are away to ensure you have a full capacity of soft water available when you return. If you are going away for a prolonged period of time we suggest that you isolate the water supply to the softener but leave the electrical connection on. Although the softener may go through the motions of a regeneration it is not detrimental for the machine to do so without water. We suggest performing a manual regeneration after you re-establish the water supply to the softener. Leaving the electrical connection live to the softener avoids the need to re programme the unit when you return. 


Q The softener is flashing between different figures on the display what does this mean ?


 A: During normal operation the softener display will alternate between current flow rate and remaining water capacity in cubic meters. for example if the display alternates between 5 and 1.25 this means a current flow rate through the system of 5 litres per minute and a remaining capacity before regeneration of 1250 litres of water.
The system also constantly monitors your water usage, The regeneration symbol will also flash if the softener is planning to perform a regeneration that night.




Q The softener display is only showing 4 flashing lines why is this ? 




A: The power has been interrupted to the water softener either due to a power cut or the transformer being switched off. The softener may have reverted to factory settings, You will need to refer to the initial set up guide and complete the programming.




The softener regenerates at 2 AM can I change this time ?


The Softener is pre-set to perform its regeneration at 2am as this is considered in most homes the lowest potential for any water usage. During a regeneration the softener automatically switches to bypass so the softener will supply hard water if a demand is required.
Although you cannot alter the regeneration time on the system you can alter the actual current time of day so the softener believes it is 2am either earlier or later in the day.
For example if the actual current time of day is 1 pm and you alter the display on the softener to show 5 am the softener will regenerate at 8am believing this is its 2am time slot










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