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20 Inch Jumbo Private water 3 stage filtration (Housings and Inserts)

High Flow sediment filtration system for private water supplies.
Staged filtration system from 50 - 5 micron ratings.
Ideal for pre treatment before bacterial removal.

3 Stage pre treatment for sediment filtration.

See Options below for Bracket and Spanners

Stage 1
20" Jumbo 50 micron reusable filter.
Pleated filter creates larger surface area for faster water flow through the unit. Removes sediment present above 50 micron rating.

Stage 2
20" Jumbo 20 micron filter
Polypropylene filter removes sediment present above 20 micron rating.

Stage 3
5 Micron Polypropylene filter
Polypropylene filter removes sediment present above 5 micron rating.


Filter housings 20" supplied with 3/4" ports

Height:    750mm
Width:     550mm
Depth:    188mm


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