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3 stage Ultra Filtration System - 6 month maintenance Pack

3 stage Ultra Filtration System -  6 month maintenance Pack

RRP £39.96  Special Offer£34.96.

3 Stage Ultra Filtration - Membrane & Filters Pack

3 Stage Ultra Filtration - Membrane & Filters Pack

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Ultra Filtration Membrane Cartridge


Ultra Filtration Membrane Cartridge

RRP £39.96 Special Offer£34.96



3 stage Ultra Filtration System

This is one of our new domestic products

The ultimate in water filtration using the latest in ultra filtration water treatment technology.

This Ultra Filtration system has been used for a number of years for applications that require exacting water quality, typically within an industrial application. Industries that use this type of water technology include medical facilities, Printed Circuit board manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Traditionally this type of water treatment technology has only been available via large industrial size equipment.  This technology is now available for the domestic market.

Crystal clear pure refreshing water is available on tap, using our 3 stage water filtration system. The EMWC Ultra Filtration System delivers unrivalled quality in water filtration.

1st Stage 5 micron polypropylene filter (life span - approx 6 months).Removes all particles above 5 micron from the water supply. This includes metals and general water sediment.

2nd Stage   Carbon water filter (life span - approx 6 months).  Removes herbicides, pesticides, trihalomethanes, chlorine, organic chemicals, lead and aluminium.

Final Stage   High flow, high capacity 0.1M Ultra Filtration membrane cartridge (life span - approx 18 months). 

This filter is capable of holding a high capacity of particles from 10's of microns down to an extremely fine 0.1 microns.  The 0.1 micron filter is so efficient it will even remove down to bacteria levels, providing you with ultra clean, filtered water.

Due to the extremely fine filtration capacity of its media, this pre-filter will also stop some bacteria and cysts: Cyst Retention: >5 LRV Bacteria (Klebsiella Terringena) : > 5 LRV

Turbidity Reduction.

The Ultra Filtration system is supplied to you with our high quality Italian style lever tap

Italian style lever tap spec.

Height: 273mm;  reach: 130mm; height to end of spout: 229mm

Colour: polished chrome

Modern design to compliment most kitchen styles
Ceramic disk valve
Point of use adjustable flow control

For use on municipal treated water supplies.

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