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Water Filters

Tap Water

Tap water is usually supplied from your municipal water provider (Severn Trent, Anglia Water, Thames Water etc). This water has been purified and disinfected then filtered and sterilised before it makes its way from the water purification plant to your house. This water transport network is old and suffers from contamination from the lead pipes that carries it and chemicals that leak into i...

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What is a water filter?

Posted on 14/12/2016 16:11:00

What is a water filter?

According to Wikipedia, a water filter will remove impurities from water by means of a fine physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process.

Why do people have a water filter?

We think nothing of turning on the tap at the kitchen sink and drinking what we think is a glass of pure water. Water from your tap hasn’t necessarily fallen as rainwater which has then been purified enough to drink. Muc...

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