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40 mr/hr Sita LCD Ultra Violet System


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40m3/Hr UV System

UV system emitting UV-C irradiation with ô€€Â=254 nm; this wave length causes an alteration of some

chemical links present among nucleotids so that the information contained and conveyed by DNA of every

organism present in the water change.

These alterations lead to the cellular death and so to the bacteriological elimination.

This disinfection system has a physical working principle and not chemical. Nothing is added to, not taken

away from water; in this way there is no formation of undesired by-products even in case of overexposure,

in the full respect of environment. The time of interaction water-radiation is of few second; the disinfection

directly takes place only during the passage of water. For this it is necessary to install the UV-C system after

any other treatment

The RACK LCD UV-C systems are composed of:

􀀂 Stainless steel reactor that contains the special germicidal lamps

􀀂 Control panel, made in compliance with the CE standard

Main Application:

Water Disinfection for:

- Private and Municipal water

- Industrial process water

- Food & Beverage industry



Technical description:

Flow rates: from 10 to 40 m3/h (depending on UV –C transmittance value)

UV-C dose after 9000 hr: 400 J/m2

Power: from 80 W to 400 W

Connections: threated connection and flange connection

Lamps: High efficiency low pressure lamps – 40 and 80W

Lamps lifespan: 9.000 hrs

Sensor: UV-C selective sensor (only on Plus models)

Max Pressure: 10 bars (optional 16 or 25 bars)

Temperature range: 0 – 50 °C (ask for higher temperature)

UV reactor material: Stainless steel 316L

Control Panel material: Painted steel – RAL 7035


The UV reactor is totally in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316L internally/externally polished; the stainless steel

of its chemical/physical characteristics is particularly suitable for the treatment of primary waters, and being

polished also in the internal part it is completely without porosity that could favour the keeping of spores;

moreover, being glass polished, the germicidal action of the lamps is increased.

Configuration: Z shape

Mounting: vertical (preferably) – ask for horizontal configuration

Connection: threated connection (UV 550 – UV 700- UV 750 – UV 800)

flanges PN 10 (UNI EN 1092 -1) (80/4 and 80/5)

UV sensor holder : Stainless steel 316L

UV sensor: selective sensor (option: DWGV or Ö-Norm Sensor)

Seals: Silicone and Viton

Automatic Cleaning system: possible on all the models - optional

The electrical control panel supplied is ready for the installation (complete of all the necessary cables)

- Steel painted control panel box (RAL 7035)

- Protection class: IP 55

- Status messages

- Microprocessor control

- Total hour meter

- Resettable hourmeter with alarm for end life lamp

- Control of each lamp

- 220 V NA/NC outlet

- Free contact outlet

- Remone on/off (optional)

- 4-20 mA outlet (optional)

- UV intensity: % (only on Plus models)

- Shutdown for high temperature in the UV chamber (only on Plus models)

- Control of temperature - irradiation (pre set alarm threshold)

- GSM box for remote monitoring and control with mobile phone (optional)

- Temperature Range: (0-45°C)


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