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200 GPD Portable Reverse Osmosis System

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Portable Reverse Osmosis
The ultimate in water filtration Crystal clear pure refreshing water on tap
Using a Portable Three stage water filtration system the EMWC Reverse Osmosis delivers unrivalled quality in water filtration, with a capacity of an amazing 200 gallons per day.

1st Stage water filter 5 micron Anti Bacteria Filter (life Span 6 months Approx) Removes all particles above 5 micron from the water supply this includes metals and general water sediment

2nd stage 200gpd Membrane (life Span 24 months Approx)

The membrane creates the finest filtration, the treated water is forced through the membrane and any un-pure water is discarded this is generally around 75 – 80% allowing through just pure filtered water. 

3rd Stage In Line Activated Carbon water Filter (life Span 6 months Approx) The final stage of filtration, Once the faucet is opened the water goes through a final carbon water filter that effectively polishes the water prior to your consumption.
Creating the purest water that you are ever likely to taste.
Typical Removal % rates
Sodium 99
Calcium 99
Potassium 98
Iron 99
Aluminium 99
Copper 99
Nickel 99
Zinc 99
Strontitan 99
Cadmium 99
Silver 98
Mercury 98
Barium 99
Chromium 99
Lead 99
Chloride 99
Nitrate 97
Fluoride 98
Silicate 98
Phosphate 99
Chromate 99
Cyanide 95
Sulphate 99
Thiosulfate 99
Ferro cyanide97
Bromide 98
Borate 50
Arsenic 99
Selenium 99
Bacteria 99
Protozoa 99
Amoebic Cysts 99
Giardia 99
Asbestos 99
Sediment/Turbidity 99
Perfluorooctane Sulphonate (PFOS) 99

Easy DIY install no plumbing experience required 12 month manufacturers warranty

Dimensions RO Unit
Width 300mm
Depth 150mm
Height 120mm

Unit is supplied with a standard 1/2" connection, which is designed to fit into the spout after removal of the aerator on a standard single spout mixer tap
Please confirm that you tap has a removable 1/2" aerator prior to purchase.

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