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1000 ltr per hour Arsenic reduction system

Reduces Arsenic levels in your water supply

Produces 1500 M³ of treated water based on 50ug/l

Media will last for 4 years based upon 1000 litres of water usage

Ideal for use  for a family of 4-5 people on non pressurised water system.

Provided with time clock automatic back washing valve

backwash only required on a monthly basis

Width  254mm
Height 1285 Approx

Inlet/outlet connection 3/4 inch Male BSP
Drain connection 3/4 inch hose elbow
operating pressure 20-120 psi
water temperature range 2 - 38 degrees Celcius

This Product is only recommended if the in comming water supply has a PH of 7 or above

and provided that the water contains no additional Heavy metal contaminant

Any of the above parameters may reduce both the capacity per hour and the life expectancy of the media
we recommend that you send a copy of your water analysis in order to confirm that this product is suitable for your intended use.