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1.5m3/hr Backwashing Sediment Filter

High Flow Ultra Grade sediment filter

Using a unique natural ore our Ultra grade sediment media offers a surface area over 100 times greater than traditional sand filters

This natural ore also produces far finer filtration and can reduce suspended solids down to 5 microns or less. Traditional sand filters produce water to about 40 microns

Our media also prevents head loss and binding often associated with traditional filters this allows longer periods of operation between backwashes

Backwashing filters trap impurities from your water supply and periodically flush these impurities to waste. Backwashing filters do not require the addition of salt or chemicals in order to backwash


Height 1387mm
Diameter 269mm


1" Male BSP inlet and outlets

3/4" Male BSP drain

Flow 1.5m3/hr

Backwash flow required 1.9m3/hr

Fully programmable timer control valve

*This Product is designed for sediment filtration
We recommend that if fitting to a private water supply you obtain a water analysis, and seek advice from one of our water treatment specialists.